Vandalism in Albert Park

Police have advised us to ask the public to report any vandalism whilst in progress by telephone on 999. Unfortunately if the crime has been committed and the perpetrators have already left the scene it is extremely unlikely that the Police will be able to act.   If there are any other concerns you think should be reported to the police, please contact 101.

Books for Sale

We have several ‘out of print’ books that are available to purchase at a cost of £3.00 each from our Head Office:

A brief introduction to the life of St Edmund, born in Abingdon. He was the last archbishop of Canterbury to be made a saint and is commemorated today on a plaque in St Nicolas Church
Eight essays on diverse aspects of Abingdon’s history, ranging from the 13th century St Edmunds’s Chapel to Matthew Anderson whose long service on the Borough Corporation in the 18th century earned him a place in the Guinness Book of Records!
A series of historical notes on the Abingdon Borough Plate Collection, currently on display in the Abingdon County Hall Museum. Information ranges from items such as the Great Mace and Mayor’s chain and badge of office to the wooden plates known as trenchers once used by the original Borough Corporation at civic dinners.