Christ’s Hospital currently manages six groups of almshouses in Abingdon providing 32 housing units for elderly residents. There are many benefits of living in an almshouse, such as:

  • Independent living with the support of a Almshouse Administrator
  • 24-hour personal alarm systems
  • No rent to pay, only a Weekly Maintenance Contribution. In some cases this may be paid by Housing Benefit
  • No worries about utility bills, as heat, light and water are provided free of charge.
  • Although the almshouses are unfurnished, the Charity provides and replaces where necessary refrigerators, freezers and cookers. Carpets and other floor coverings are provided throughout.
  • Free use of washing machines and tumble dryers in laundry rooms.
  • No repair or maintenance responsibilities.
  • Concessionary TV Licence for those aged 60 to 74 years (other conditions apply).

The criteria for applicants differ between the almshouse groups. The Charity has to give priority firstly to those living in Abingdon, then Oxfordshire.

So if you are semi-retired or retired and have a housing need, or know someone who does, or require any further information, please contact us.