Albert Park can be found contained within Park Crescent and Park Road.

To preserve the beauty and tranquility of Albert Park and the surrounding area, there is no parking available in Park Crescent or Park Road without a residents permit.  If you are a visitor to Abingdon, parking is free for 2 hours at all of the public car parks in the town.  The multi-storey car park off Stert Street is only a stones-throw away from the park.

Christ’s Hospital is responsible for the park and characteristic Victorian and Edwardian housing in its neighbourhood, all laid out after 1860, in the Conduit Field.

Abingdon architects who worked on this estate were Edwin Dolby (1838 – 1900), Dolby’s pupil, J G Timoth West (1860-1931) and AB West (1885-1957). The statue of Prince Albert (1863) is by John Gibbs of Oxford.