Christ’s Hospital of Abingdon is the oldest of Oxfordshire’s charities (Number 205112) and dates from 1553.  The Hospital is pre-dated by the Fraternity of the Holy Cross, first documented in 1436 and responsible for building the centrepiece of Christ’s Hospital, the Long Alley Almshouses, in 1446.  Christ’s Hospital is also partly derived from the older and smaller charity, the Guild of Our Lady, in existence certainly by 1247, possibly formed substantially earlier.

Christ’s Hospital of Abingdon provides assistance to the people of Abingdon through four primary means:

1) The provision of Almshouses to townsfolk who are of good character, over 50 years of age and in need,

2) The support of those referred to the Charity by care agencies by assisting with the purchase of essential items,

3) Educational support to school pupils from Abingdon,

4) The support of local organisations deemed by the Governors to be of benefit to Abingdon townsfolk.

The Charity also provides public service to the town by maintaining Albert Park for use by the people of Abingdon and by maintaining the town’s historical Almshouses to the standards required of listed buildings and of comfortable modern living.

Christ’s Hospital is a member of The Almshouse Association. Their website can be viewed at

2018 Privacy Policy

Here at Christ’s Hospital of Abingdon (Charity 205112) we take privacy seriously and we will only use data supplied to us for administration purposes.

We will store, access and transfer details within our organisation if they are necessary to fulfil our obligations to our residents, staff, governors, suppliers and ‘customers’ and any legal bodies that may require them, and only for as long as this is the case.

We will do our best to ensure that the information provided is stored in an accurate and secure way.  The data subject will have the right to access the information we hold upon written request and amend it if it is incorrect.   We will have sought the subject’s agreement to the storage and processing of that information for the above purposes and further contact them if our use exceeds that which they could reasonably expect.   The data subject has reasonable rights to withdraw consent to the holding of their information (other than to provide to legal bodies) and this can be done by contacting our head office at 4 St Helen’s Wharf, Abingdon, OX14 5EN

Please note: Details of books for sale on ‘News/Notices’ page.

Please note: An almshouse application form is available on the following page: ‘Applying for Help/ Almshouse applications’


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